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California takes charges of domestic violence very seriously. If convicted of one of these crimes, whether a misdemeanor or felony, you could be facing significant time in jail or prison, costly fines, and even the loss of your rights as a parent. In addition to these more immediate penalties, having a conviction on your permanent criminal record will damage your reputation, cause strains and breaks with personal relationships, and affect your ability to maintain your current job or find employment in the future. With so much at stake, it should go without saying that having an experienced Fairfield domestic violence lawyer represent you is an absolute necessity.

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    Investigating Every Detail of Your Domestic Violence Case

    At The Maher Law Group, APC, we are fully aware that, just because you have been charged with the crime of domestic violence, this does not mean you are guilty. The situations that lead to domestic violence charges often involve tense moments and emotions that are running high, and claims that may be exaggerated or even false. We are also fully aware that divorce, break-ups, infidelity, and child custody disputes are a major factor in evaluating the evidence and the credibility of your accuser.

    Individuals can be charged with domestic violence when they commit an act of physical abuse against a:

    • Spouse
    • Former spouse
    • Cohabitant
    • Former cohabitant
    • Parent with whom the individual has a child
    • Partner in a dating relationship

    Our Fairfield domestic violence attorneys want to help you tell your side of the story to the prosecutor and to the court. Our firm is dedicated to fully investigating every aspect of your specific case in order to find inconsistencies in witness statements and help you determine whether your accusations were a result of an ulterior motive.

    What Happens When You Get a Domestic Violence Charge?

    In California, domestic violence is a charge that if convicted can result in serious penalties. Depending on the underlying offense and the circumstances surrounding it you can face jail time and fines.

    Some possible penalties for domestic violence include:

    • Domestic battery: punishable by a $2,000 fine and up to 364 days in jail
    • Inflicting bodily injury: punishable by a $6,000 and up to 4 years in prison

    These penalties can be more severe if you have had prior offenses.

    Working Tirelessly For Your Defense

    With more than 100 jury trials under our belt, our Fairfield domestic violence attorney is never afraid to push a case to trial if negotiations fail or if we believe it will lead to a better end result. As an accomplished trial lawyer, Mr. Maher is known as one of the most leading criminal defense advocates in the community. You can count on us to provide the aggressive representation you deserve, handle your case thoroughly from start to finish, and work tirelessly towards the result you need.

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